A Day in Macao

Old town square in Macao Posted by Hello

When Bebette suggested visiting the place I readliy agreed. We almost didnt make it since we both woke up late. We planned to leave early morning so we can see a lot. Noon time I decided we go and we did! I didnt see a lot but was impressed at the changes I saw since I last visited which was eons ago.

I think I was 10 yrs old when dad brought me here the first time. I remembered taking a small hydrofoil. Today one takes a huge fast ferry. Bebette and I took a cab to go to the last island whose name I cant remember right now so we can take lunch at Fernando’s a famous authentic portuguese eatery. Unfortunately being labor day, even the owner went on vacation so it was closed! We took another cab to bring us to Shangri la for our much delayed meal.

After late lunch, some tea with scones and lingering awhile, we headed to the old town. I loved the ambiance of the place, very european. I think its called plaza senador. There was no more time to visite the famous St. Paul ruins, although I have seen that in the past. At least I was able to see one church near the square. I was able to buy some souvenirs and one comfortable sandal.

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