My Trip to North Pole

maan glacier tour Posted by Hello

In my several decades of travel since I was 5 years old, there are various favorites, and unforgettable experiences and places, too long to put in one post. One particular place which always stuck to mind, is our adventure to north pole. Dad is very adventurous like me and he made sure we visited the top of the world, which is North Cape. That will be the subject of a different blog.

When I checked the map though, I noticed a higher place which was Spitsbergen. I was curious and to cut the long story short, we flew to this place locally known as Svalbard. I almost didnt see the beauty of the glaciers in north pole for after going out of the airport all I saw was mud road and wildnerness! I wanted to turn back but dad said we need to go on. The rest is history – flora, fauna, wild birds, polar bears and the ice age. Quite a different and unforgettable experience.

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