St. Gilgen: Mozart Village

St. Gilgen, Austria

St. Gilgen, Austria

St. Gilgen is a leading lakeside resort just outside Salzburg and lying at the edge of Wolfgangsee. It is also the birthplace of Mozart’s mother, Anna and where his sister Nanerl settled after her marriage to a baron.

St. Gilgen is famous for its scenery, the historic town centre and the access to Lake Wolfgangsee.

Photo above is the Rathaus or Townhall. Right beside it are the houses of the Mozart’s mother and sister and a few meters away is the peaceful lake of the town. Some of the Sound of Music lake scenes were also taken in this place.

St. Gilgen today is the playground for the city’s new aristocracy,  the fashionable and wealthy who maintain mountain villas here. In 2005 St. Gilgen was promoted as the “Mozart Village” by the Wolfgangsee Tourist Board.

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