The Top of the World

One day my dad said we will go to the top of the world.  Where is that I said? North Cape!  The hotel we got was in Skarsvag, better known as the northernmost fishing village in the world and described as the northernmost inhabited area in that region.

I learned later that the reason we were not able to find a hotel in North Cape was because there was none.  The nearest hotel was in Skarsvag.

It was the only hotel in that tiny village, made up mostly of wood since the place is covered with snow most part of the year except for three months in summer.  When I looked through their guestbook, majority of guests were Europeans, few Americans and only one Asian besides us, a Japanese couple.

The nearest village to North Cape is in Honningsvåg.  We flew here from (if my memory serves me right) Oslo.

From Honningsvåg we travelled to Skarsvag and spent overnight.  There was not much to see in Skarsvaag, except pure nature.  Two friends and I tried going up a hill to see the so called Kirkeporten or Church gate as recommended by the receptionist in our hotel.  We didn’t even know what it was.  Apparently it was close to a 3km uphill climb which was supposed to be only around 45 mins (to the nimble and fast healthy person) but we kinda got lost along the way so took us close to two hours perhaps.

under the Church gate or Kirkeporten

Apparently it was a huge rock formation and from there one can get a breathtaking view of the Arctic Sea.

We met a norweigian couple who we requested to take our photo right there on the hollow.  I was surprised that the guy walked far so he can capture the whole rock formation with us.  Unfortunately, I failed to inform him to do some lens adjustments, that was why we appeared like tiny ants amidst the grandiose work of nature.

Yes four of us were posing right there on the hollow of the rock

After we came back from that climb, we went around and found the northermost camping site in the world.

Everything was really “northernmost in this area”.  Dad and I found this sign as well so can’t help but take this opportunity for a memorable photo.

This area is called the place beyond timberland.  No trees can ever grown here nor even plants.  That was why the vegetables we requested for our meal was too dear as it came from far cities.
A white reindeer grazing on what’s left of the grass
We visited a Sami tent and store in the tiney village.  They skinned some reindeers and made them into bags, hats and other souvenirs.
Sami Tent


The Sami people – also known as the Sámi, Saami, and more derogatorily known as ‘Lapps’ or ‘Laplanders’, are the indigenous peoples of northern Scandinavia, which is in the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Peninsula of Russia. The Sami are one of the oldest indigenous groups in Europe.
Skarsvag has barely 170 population and is just 14 kilometers from North Cape.  During winter there are  snowmobile tours to North Cape, which was our final destination.  I was able to ride one of these snow mobiles but unfortunately being summer, there was no snow.

To be continued….

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