Our Scandinavian and Russian Adventure

Above: The Little Mermaid

Below: The Gefion Fountain

I just arrived from our trip to Scandinavia and Russia which started May 18.  I had wanted to blog on some days but being the tour manager of the group plus some work after the tour, it left me without a chance to write.

Our first stop was Denmark.  During our first city tour, I cannot help but reminisce the very first time I travelled in Scandinavia with my late parents.  It was shortly after college and we spent a month or so going around Europe.  Since then I was able to visit a couple of times helping Dad with his tour.

The first time however will always be memorable.  I thought of posting some old photos with the one I took just recently right on the same spot in Copenhagen.  I had to stop for a while when I was there and uttered a prayer for my late parents who have opened my eyes to world travel.

I will continue to share some snippets about this trip in future posts.  In the meantime below is a collage of our travel adventure.

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