Changing of the Guards at Fredensborg Palace

The palace from afar
The palace up close

Fredensborg Palace at Lake Esrum enjoys a special status among Danish palaces as the royal couple’s most used residence. The beautiful 18th century baroque palace is often the venue for important official state visits and events in the Royal Family.

Fredensborg Palace Gardens are among Denmark’s largest historical gardens.

The summer residence of the Danish court, it was originally a hunting seat, built between 1719 and 1722 for Frederick IV.

Kit Mananghaya and I at the palace grounds

We were just supposed to stay a while here but all of a sudden we heard music and it was the time for changing of the guards!

From afar we saw the new guards coming to replace the current ones

We just had to stay and watch.  Imagine the march of the soldiers to the tune of Oliver’s “Consider Youself”   It was so cute!This second video is the continuation and somewhere towards the last half I somehow heard the tune from the Muscial Les Miserables.  It was simply fabulous!  The best changing of the guards that I witnessed.
The new guards in tow
We all can’t help it but we just had to take photos with the guards 🙂

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