Frolickin’ around Tivoli Gardens

Entrance of Tivoli Gardens.  I took that photo not from the web
Love the flowers around the park
Tivoli Gardens is a famous amusement park in Copenhagen. The park opened in 1843 and became one of the most popular theme parks in Europe. It offers a mix of attractions, gardens, and restaurants. Although always continually evolving, Tivoli maintains its traditional feel and quaint charm. Tivoli is part of early theme park history; Walt Disney modeled Disneyland after Tivoli once he’d experienced its magic.
The park is known for its wooden rollercoaster Rutsjebanen. Another attraction, Himmelskibet, was unveiled in Tivoli in 2006 and is the world’s tallest carousel. Tivoli also plays host to a variety of concerts and performing arts and is an integral part of the cultural scene in Copenhagen.
Millions of people fill the gardens, dine in the 40 restaurants, enjoy the entertainment, ride the amusement rides, play the games, or just sit and eat ice cream and people-watch from mid-April to late September each year.
As successive generations of avant-garde Danes put their stamp on the place, including Lin Utzon (the late Jørn “Sydney Opera House” Utzon’s daughter), Per Arnoldi, Wilhelm Freddie, Søren Robert Lund, and 3XN Architects.
The big changes got under way two years ago with the opening of the Nimb complex—a cross between a Moorish Taj Mahal and a Christmas tree. Altering the iconic 1909 Bazaar building by architect Knud Arne Petersen (who was also director of Tivoli from 1899 to 1940) made the hordes of abonnine (elderly season-pass owners) nervous. 
We spent some time watching the peacock flirt till it opened its  feathers
Cant help but admire the beautiful flowers in the huge garden
We went to the entrance the evening we arrived since it was walking distance from our hotel, however it was raining and decided to go again the following day after the tour.
Hans Christian Andersen who started it all
Amusement rides are not free.  It was explained to us that they want the entrance fee (around $18) to be lower since not all people going will take the ride.
Cafes abound however it was hard to choose since we were not able to change enough danish kroner.  Stuff are not exactly cheap, its scandinavia!
Towards the late afternoon, we just dreamt of coffee and dessert and chose one cafe.  They did not serve ice cream so Coret went out to buy us the goodie.
This is the Cafe we chose to rest and have a cup
I ordered this cafe mocha forget the price it must cost one dinner


Interior of the cafe
Coret got us a pistacchio flavored ice cream
Coret savoring the much sought after ice cream
Nice place to rest right? Cause its near the WC!
And another photo at the exit shortly before dinner

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