My Arctic Adventure Part 1: The smallest Airport I have seen

Honningsvaag Airport (from Wikipedia)

During our trip to the “Top of the World” we had to go through some northern cities in Norway to reach our main destination North Cape.  One of this is in Honningsvaag.  We just had our carry on since we hopped from one propeller plane to another.  I did not really notice anyone checking in their luggage 🙂

I was so surprised that when we landed, the airport looked like a small wooden barn!  No such passport control, baggage claim or the like.  It’s not an international but a regional airport but nevertheless it looked cute 🙂

This was taken near the exit of the airport

After we walked a bit, a few steps or a few meters, maybe 50 meters? It was already the exit!  I had to share this experience in this post because I wrote about it several years ago in an old Travel blog but since I failed to renew the domain, all the content was gone.

We used the Widerøe regional airlines, with propeller type aircraft, the type that the ground crew had to tie with a leather after landing so the wings will not move, then untie again prior to taxi and take off.  I think the capacity of the plane that time was just 20 people or less.  It was really a great adventure!

We can hardly fit inside the tiny regional plane


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