Nature at its best

Somewhere near Voss

Somewhere near Voss

This is actually my first post using my iPad in this blog. I was mulling on what to share and the first thing I thought of was the beauty of the nature and surrounding during our trip to Norway last May. The postcard like photo above was not part of any tour. We were just in the bus traveling in the area of Voss when suddenly everyone in the bus shrieked and asked our driver to stop. We all just had to capture the lovely scenery which we all said only God can make.


They say that Norway is Europe’s rainiest country. In fact you see water all around Norway, from the gushing waterfalls, river, and the charming Fjords. I had to capture the rush of the river waters as we drove along the village roads as it added to the beauty of the surrounding.

I must have drank the best spring water in this region. One day I would like to visit again to see more of its natural wonder.

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