A lovely Bavarian secret getaway


A little over an hour from Munich, is a lovely alpine village called Garmische-Partenkirchen. It is made up of  two towns, Garmische and Partenkirchen till Hitler decreed in 1935 to join them due to the 1936 Winter Olympics held here.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen is considered  a mecca for winter sports with its  seven months of snow, 60 kilometres of pistes, pristine slopes and Germany’s only glacial ski area.  There are slopes suitable for skiers of all abilities, and the region has become a hot spot for international snowboarders and freeriders. This is the major venue for New Year’s ski jumping as the world’s  most modern ski jump is found here.

Olympic stadium Ski Jump

It is recommended to spend at least two nights in this unspoilt alpine  village and walk around both towns which have two distinct personalities.

Both districts offer charming historical centres, a wealth of culture and lots of good old-fashioned Bavarian hospitality amid scenic surroundings. Together they form the number one winter sports venue in Germany.


The older of the two, Partenkirchen is filled with more narrow cobblestoned streets lined with historic buildings in the typical bavarian style – wooden shutters, with the outside painted in pastel shades of religious and regional art work.

Walking along the historical Ludwigstrasse at the heart of Partenkirchen makes for a pleasant interlude. This chic, elegant boulevard is ideal for shopping, strolling or just sauntering along. Exclusive stores for an exclusive clientele rub shoulders with traditional Alpine inns and Michelin class restaurants


Garmische on the other hand is the  livelier district with its centre as Kurpark, a pedestrian area which runs between Richard Strauss square and Marientplatz.  Bars, restaurants and shops line the streets as well as historical buildings.  It is a party place as contrasted with Partenkirchen, where the day ends early.


Just walking around the town is a real treat. During our last visit, we took  time to walk down various streets and were amazed at the paintings on the outside of the homes. Apparently, the Bavarians have a long history of decorating the exteriors of their houses and businesses with both religious and historic paintings. The structure of the homes are also stunning.

If you travel at the right time of the year , you can enjoy the beautiful flowers trellising down off the picturesque balconies.On weekends, you can catch food and fruit kiosks around the pedestrian square of the area.


This picturesque town is also a first-class climatic health resort throughout the year, the perfect place to unwind, pamper yourself and enjoy life’s little pleasures. Garmisch-Partenkirchen was one of the first towns in Germany to be awarded a ”WellVital” resort by the Bayern Tourismus GmbH.

The people that live here are envied by many and those that spend their holidays here even more so. Garmisch-Partenkirchen will move you – with its unspoilt nature, vibrancy and Bavarian charm.

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