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I joined the Travel community Gogobot a few years ago.  I just cannot remember the exact date because I don’t see any  “date joined” info in my profile.  However upon checking my badges, the first one I received was dated January  22, 2012 so I must have joined earlier than that.

I was not so keenly active at the onset as I just ticked off some of the cities I had visited just like what you do in other travel sites.  However in the recent months I began to actively do reviews of sights, hotels and experiences.  For one thing, I noticed their blog and the post about Gogobot Rewards, where you can get particular rewards as you review more places.  In the local parlance, I was “mababaw” (shallow) LOL and since I knew I had a wealth of travel experience, I went on to do lots of reviews to see if I can get a hold of those rewards no matter how mundane.

You will have your own passport where the Guides per city that  you reviewed will show and thus you  can be classified starting from a Tourist, Scout, Expert, Connoisseur and finally a Guru.  Even if you don’t travel internationally often, you can up your number of reviews by doing so for the local spots you visit.  I just prefer reviewing the international places for now although time and again I do local reviews too.

As of this writing, this is how my passport looks like:

GogobotAnd these are just some of the Guides I had created.  Well obviously since I had been bringing pilgrims to Israel for a couple of decades Jerusalem was on top of the list:


There is one feature of this travel community I love, the Postcard creation. It is a mobile app which you need to download (Check out Gogobot at the App store).  They feature some of the postcards and I had a couple of them featured too 🙂 such as Rocamadour Ramparts, Kursi, Nazareth Village, Church of the Saviour on the Spilled Blood, Sibelius Monument, and others.

One of  the post cards I created via the mobile App of Gogobot

One of the post cards I created via the mobile App of Gogobot

Unfortunately you cannot create a postcard via a desktop only via mobile.  I read many complaints about this however I do understand their reason.  They need to promote the mobile app! It may also take a different programming if done via website but just like Viber which started only on mobile later on I hope they can also do it in the desktop version so I can create more post cards.  I can’t keep tons of photos on my phone or ipad!

Finally you have a Leader board where you will see where you rank vs your network (of connections) and that of the whole Gogobot community.

Gogobot Leaderboard

Ranking 55 in a network of more than 3 million members ain’t bad right? 🙂  specially if you rank higher than Travel + Leisure *wink*.

According to the Business Insider, the travel community snagged 1million users in merely two months after opening to the public.  As of August 30, 2014 when the article was published it has 3.7M users.

Let me quote them further:

The site is popular because it helps you get travel recommendations from your own friends in your own social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. Instead of posting a status and asking friends, “Hey, where’s a great place to eat in Denver?” it automates the process.

If your friends can’t help, or you are going to some exotic location, it has expert travel writers that can. Or you can join a “tribe” and trade tips with people who have similar travel tastes (adventure, budget, backpackers, foodies, history buffs, etc.)

Naturally, the site will book your reservations. Then it keeps a travel log for you, including your photos, favorite restaurants, etc.

And it does it all from your smartphone, too.

Before founding Gogobot, CEO Travis Katz formerly ran the international business for Myspace. Cofounder Ori Zaltzman was the chief architect of an innovative Yahoo search service, Yahoo BOSS, and worked on Yahoo Answers, too.

According to Crunchbase, the company started only in November 2010  and was mentioned in Trendwatching’s 11 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2011. The Independent in UK came out with the The Top 50 Travel Websites in June 7, 2013 and listed Gogobot as No. 2.

One time however, I stopped reviewing for a while since I noticed some discrepancies on the number of my reviews or in another words the database stats and I commented on this privately. For someone on top of the Internet and commerce industry for quite some time I easily noticed this.  I received a reply from their CEO and in a few weeks I noticed they put that page down till they solved the problem.  As I was a database marketer too, I realise that those things may happen specially with a growing community.  When they finally put up the leader board page again, the scores were lower although they explained it.  I am not sure though if all my original numbers were corrected.  I hope though 🙂 as I don’t have any way of verifying  since I don’t bother checking on exact scores,  I  just take a glimpse of my scores from time to time.

Now for the good part!  I sent a note to the community asking if I am eligible for their rewards.  They replied after a week or so (the CEO replies faster!) and said yes, and asked for my address.  I gave my address and asked if they mail them this part of the world (Philippines).  Well yesterday I got the package!

Gogobot rewards

There were some variations on the smaller items as originally written in their blog post but I do love what I received:

  • A Gogobot Ballpen
  • A Gogobot Keychain
  • A Gogobot smoke glasses
  • A Gogobot sticker micro fiber cleaner ( A tiny sticker you can use to clean gadgets)
  • A Gogobot TShirt
  • A Gogobot Toiletry kit
  • A Gogobot Duffle Bag

Hey that’s not bad! Of course I had to pay the usual post office fee because they sent it via our country’s inefficient post office not Courier but if the post office charged me taxes I will tell them to return it LOL.

Compared to Trip Advisor where you only get badges for your reviews this rewards you with something more palpable.  It also takes time and effort to do reviews!

One day I shall post  a selfie wearing my Gogobot Tshirt but first I need to have it washed first 🙂

There are 3 more rewards which I am aiming or:  The Travel kit, Track Jacket and Luggage.

Oh and by the way they have the so called Gogobot Pros.  They define this as ” an active member of the site who knows what’s what when it comes to getting out and seeing what there is to see in the world. ”  You get a yellow and red ribbon in your profile saying you are a Pro for a particular year.

gogobot pro

According to their FAQ:

I think I should have made Pro, or know someone who should. How can I make that happen?

When it comes down to it, we have our eyes and ears open and, when the time is right, we’ll let you know. You can always feel free to shoot us an email at if you feel you’ve been passed over or, even better, if you want to make sure we’ve noticed another member of the Gogobot community.

Gogobot is basically an American site with some active communities in London and nearby. I guess they are not yet attuned to the Asian culture.  Either you make me a pro or not. I will not complain that I should have been one 🙂

Nevertheless its a growing and fun community and I am not yet tired of participating. I just do wish they have more activities this part of town too or even in Europe where I usually visit.

2 thoughts on “The Gogobot Travel Community

  1. hi i found you from the Gogobot leader board. you have a very broad travel experience and you’ve done a great review for the community. i really surprise and sorry that you are not one of the Pro yet, i really don’t know how and why i got that. well just keep posting until they notice you.
    do keep up the great job, and hopefully i will visit Philippine one day.

  2. Hi Ahboon, thank you for your supportive comments. I just followed you in Gogobot 🙂 Regarding the Pro thing, I would think they just choose randomly with no obvious system at all. It’s the same in their choice of postcards to be featured. Too bad if they don’t see a really good postcard you made. Perhaps in the future they will devise some form of system for this and maybe its part of the growth pains. Its just that for other cultures, you cannot be too upfront and say, hey you missed to recognise me, it would be too embarrassing. Perhaps when Gogobot becomes more international and understand other cultures they will realise this. I hope you will visit our beautiful country soon. Do let me know so we can meet up 🙂

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