New Safety Video which will make you stop and watch!

I hear and observe many airline passengers nowadays specially the frequent fliers no longer watch or listen to Flight Safety actual instructions by the flight attendant or even the more modern style, via Videos. However due to my first plane flight experience when I was barely 5 yrs old where our plane plunged down a thousand feet and oxygen masks dropped, I always listen to the instructions and checking where the life vest is plus exits.

However, I just chanced upon this newly released video by Virgin America which will really make you stop and watch before getting on the plane.  See more details about its making here.

Virgin America

The Airline has produced  a very different in-flight safety video, presented entirely in music and dance.  Today its not only mere marketing or selling but making sure you create an unforgettable customer experience.

According to the press statement by the company:

The new safety video will be live onboard all Virgin America flights beginning in November. Virgin America’s original, animated safety video will always be available for viewing in-flight via the touch-screen Red™ entertainment platform. The dancers in Virgin America’s new safety video can be seen wearing kicks and clothes by Converse, Levi’s, Wet Seal, Nine West, Tart, Robin?s Jeans, Marchez Vous and Banana Republic. Partner Banana Republic provided their signature Tailored Slim suits worn by the stylishly pop-locking robotic men.

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