Helsinki: Aleksanteri Solo Soko Hotel

I was doing reviews of some hotels we stayed in during our recent trips and I thought of posting some photos of these in this blog so I will recall it later.

Aleksanteri Helsinki

The hotel is practically at the city centre, within walking distance of shops and restaurants. The name comes from the Alexander Theatre, originally a Russian garrison theatre, located next to the hotel.


Crossing the street to go to our Restaurant for Dinner


Tempting to go inside the biggest Mall brand in the Scandinavia but we have an appointment for Dinner

Aleksanteri is located in the Punavuori area, in the middle of Helsinki’s Design District. It is just a stone’s throw away from the city centre, a breath of wind away from the Hietalahti beach and right in the vicinity of the Koff park. The tram takes you quickly to the centre of the city, and it is even nicer to walk along Bulevardi street all the way to Esplanade Park. The hotel is  surrounded by art galleries, museums and exhibitions.

Reception area


Reception area

Reception area



Another side of the room

Another side of the room

lobby of our floor

lobby of our floor




I love those descriptions of the Soap and Shampoo dispenser


Good to have a pot to boil water for free coffee, tea and chocolate. It helps a lot that the tap water in the region is pure and drinkable. Note the price of a bottled water 3.50 euros! Thats almost USD 5!

Of course you can't miss  the most popular brand in Finland!  You need to pay for the potato chips though :)

Of course you can’t miss the most popular brand in Finland! You need to pay for the gummies though 🙂

Yummy Buffet Breakfast

Yummy Buffet Breakfast


Salmon and Salami


Fruits and Cheese

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