Our Tallink-Silja overnight cruise experience

The Tallink Silja Port in Stockholm

The Tallink Silja Port in Stockholm

During our Scandinavian trip last May 2014, we took an overnight Cruise line from Stockholm to Helsinki.  Since this was the second overnight cruise of this tour (the first was Copenhagen to Oslo) , I tried to make  sure we get our tickets immediately so we don’t need to run to the walkway like the first time  to check in then enter the ship.  Unfortunately, when I entered the room where groups submit the voucher in exchange for the tickets, I encountered a very rude Ship supervisor. He knew that there was a time limit for check in yet he was taking his sweet time giving the tickets to some of us.  I had to take his photo so next time I can show this to his superiors 🙂  The swedish people are really nice so it gives a bad name to the company if a staff is rude.

The rude staff of the Cruise Line

The rude staff of the Cruise Line

After I got the tickets, we had to rush to the walkway to check in.




Apparently you see a Welcome Arc as you enter the ship and of course they take your photo as you enter then sell this to you later 🙂



I can’t help it but I bought this costly souvenir!

Upon entering this ship, you get to the famous Promenade of Tallink Symphony Cruise Line.  The heart of the ship is the pedestrian street Promenade, where you can find a wide variety of shops, fascinating cafés and restaurants of a high standard.


The Promenade filled with Cafe’s and Souvenirs and which leads to elevators which goes up or down the cabins


The standard room in the Cruise Line

The standard room in the Cruise Line. I got this photo from the web because I forgot to take a photo of my room LOL


Stairs leading down to the Buffet Symphony restaurant. Later I found out that you can use the lift ROFL



Senny, Kit, Lap, Aida and Nenet during dinner


Coret, Bebette, Lap, Rose, Aida and Marga during our buffet dinner at the ship


Yummy black and red Caviar! I had to gorge on these because these are too costly back home.


More yummy appetizers!

Buffet Symphony

This was still the Buffet Symphony restaurant not a market 🙂 Just showing you the tons of food! I think I settled for the appetiser and dessert.


Entertainment along the Promenade of the ship.


And they danced the night away!


The Upper Deck

At the outside deck

At the outside deck


I found the facade of this Cafe Bar so colourful


Inside one of the bars which remained opened late. This was where I celebrated the last half of my birthday 🙂

Tallin Symphony

Ready to leave the ship for our tour of Helsinki


The group at the Ship’s exit, ready to leave once we docked at the Helsinki port

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