Two consecutive trips in a month

San Sebastian, Spain on the left and Jerusalem on the right

San Sebastian, Spain on the left and Jerusalem on the right

I love travelling but for the first time I had to do two simultaneous trips, quite hectic but memorable.  The first one was for Northern Spain early April, an invitation too hard to resist as I had been in most major cities in that country except the northern area.  Upon arrival at home at 2am, I again had to pack for the trip on that same day.  Fortunately I was able to sleep a few hours before proceeding once again for the airport, this time leading a Pilgrimage group to Jordan and Israel.

Both trips were rewarding however I was quite in pain because of all the times to have kidney stones attack, it was during these two important trips.  I thought all my stones were flushed so did not bring adequate medication.  Upon arrival at home on April 15, had to bring tons of them to ease the pain.  I shall write all about these experiences in my subsequent posts.

The Lord has His reasons we sometimes cannot fathom immediately but I am sure these challenges are just an introduction to more blessings to come.

The 29-hour travel to Spain

Day 2: Enchanting Bilbao:  Guggenheim and Beyond

3 thoughts on “Two consecutive trips in a month

  1. Travel sounds so exciting but in truth it can get tiring as well. And it becomes more challenging if you get sick along the way. I have trouble with hyperacidity during some of my travels. I hope your kidney stones didn’t bother you too much. You are blessed to have the opportunity to travel a lot. XO

  2. Yes it can be tiring but if it’s your passion then exhaustion can easily be forgotten 🙂 It is both a business and a passion and at this point in time after being a corporate slave for ages, I am sure this is what I like – Travelling!

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