The 29-hour travel to Spain

Last April 5 I left for a familiarisation tour of Northern Spain (Basque and Galicia regions).  The official start of our  trip was in Singapore so the only two participants from Manila (Ayon and I)  had to travel from Manila to Singapore to join the group. This meant a longer time to reach our destination due to the detour.  As advised we had to get our baggage in Singapore and check in again just to be sure we don’t suffer a lost luggage and the first thing we did when we reached Changi airport after going through immigration, getting our baggage and checking in at Turkish Airlines counter was to find an outlet to charge our iPhones 🙂



From Changi airport,  we took our official carrier, Turkish Airlines for Bilbao, the first stop in our program.  It’s quite a long 11- hour flight to our first stopover which is in Istanbul.  I was able to watch at least one movie “Man of Steel”.


What I like with Turkish airlines is that even if you take Economy seats, they are comfortable and you get a small toiletry set.  In other airlines you need to pay business class fares to be entitled to one.

Turkish Airline toiletry set for Economy Class

Turkish Airline toiletry set for Economy Class

Besides the comfortable seats which is quite rare in economy class, I liked the fact that they have a usb outlet near the video in front of you 🙂  Perhaps it was the type of aircraft we used but in my next trip after Spain with another airline,  I kept looking for one but did not find any.


It was my first time to be in Istanbul airport. There was just too many people inside so its good tourism industry I guess.  Unfortunately of all the airports we had been, this one had no free wifi so the country was missed in all my check-ins in Four Square 🙂


IMG_4476 IMG_4475

I found this massage place inside the airport too late. It was almost boarding time otherwise I might have tried it.


Perhaps due to the many incoming and outgoing flights in this busy airport we never got to use any Tube so the gruelling use of stairs with our carry-ons 😦


With Vien Cortes of the Spain Tourism board

With Vien Cortes of the Spain Tourism board

The long flight till Istanbul was worth it when upon issuance of boarding pass for our flight to our main destination, Bilbao, we were upgraded to Business Class yehey! It was only a 4-hour trip from Istanbul to Bilbao but what the heck at least we experienced Business class after more than 24 hours of traveling.

Business Class at Turkish Airlines

Business Class at Turkish Airlines with Ayon Sanchez

I shall continue to share all my experiences in this 11-day unforgettable journey in succeeding posts.

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