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Inside the Flam Train, Norway

Inside the Flam Train, Norway (May 2013)

Welcome to my Travel blog!  I used to have only one blog hosted by blogger but a couple of years ago I decided to split them into my major interest which is Travel, My Catholic Faith and Pilgrimage Experiences, My Learnings on Natural Cures and Wellness and of course my personal blog where I ramble on whatever comes to mind that is why  it was named such.

I had been traveling since age 5 and it became a regular right after I finished college.  Travel had become a passion as I take from my parent’s itchy feet.  Since I must have tons of experiences related to what I learned and encountered from my travels the world over I decided more than a decade ago to share these via this online means.  However due to some workload, the trials and errors of using platforms, expired domains left un renewed, much of the content just got lost.

I vowed to myself I shall continue this more religiously with a more planned approach.  I just moved to wordpress.com again after using blogger as I got tired of the look and features.

I am slowly transferring the content here although while doing so I tend to edit some descriptions of old posts. Better to have content in another site too as back up so that I will no longer lose any of the content as what happened to me before.

Even though I was busy with my career as a banker some years back, I was fortunate to still travel regularly, either helping my late dad in his Travel business or I follow him and my mom in their trips should my schedule not permit to be away for so long.  It was this passion, experience and interest which inspired me to continue my late Dad’s travel and pilgrimage work in 2010.  It is work and fun and I hope to share many of them here.

Below is what I wrote some years ago on my About Me page.


This is my 3rd travel blog due to many reasons.  I started with a free hosting site way back in the late 90s but the service stopped then in 2004 used another free service, Blogspot, with the name Maan’s Travels then moved it to my own domain, but due to some unfortunate events my domain expired and I was not able to renew it therefore lost all the content.  However I still have some old posts  left from my first blog which I am moving here then.  I will continue my travel tales here.

Imperial Palace, Tokyo

My first trip was at age 5 when my parents brought me to Tokyo, Japan to visit the Prince. Then after the primary grades, dad  brought me to other places in Asia.

I was very fortunate to have travelled a lot since dad regularly organized pilgrimage and other tours specially to Europe for several decades.  I was never fond of the history subject in school but when I visited other countries esp from the old world, it opened my eyes to the richness of world culture and began reading about the past, its influence on the new world, reasons behind some cultural clashes and traditions.

Clockwise: a stop near Mt. Titlis (Switzerland), Aegena (Greece), Inside a cable car in Mt. Titlis, Michaelangelo Square (Florence), Maria Luisa Park (Sevilla, Spain), Heroes Monument (Budapest, Hungary), Vatican City

I have a mole on each foot so I cannot keep still and with enough means I would always love to explore even local places. I will try to share all my discoveries, experiences and learnings in this travel blog.

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